Worldwide source for proprietary replacement power supplies

psuwarehouse is your worldwide source for any proprietary replacement power supply 

Contact us for a replacement power adapter for any LCD Monitor, HP Notebook Computer, Gateway, ACER Laptop, Dell, Toshiba, Canon or Lenovo IBM Thinkpad laptop & notebook computer & many Android & Apple Tablets including iPads.

We have original OEM manufacturer power supplies for Cisco Routers, Switches, Load Balancer and more, as well as for Juniper Routers and Foundry Network Switches, F5 BigIP Load Balancers / Network accelerators and SSL accelerators and almost anything else you can imagine. We can also provide many compatible replacement units.

We have power supplies and cards for specialized equipment that is no longer made, so you can keep yours running long after the manufacturer would rather you buy a new one from them for $45,000!  Or where the manufacturer went out of business years ago!  Got an old application accelerator, Load Balancer or Network Server that is working fine,but that the manufacturer is gone?  We may have the part you need to keep it running.

We carry power supplies for odd and obsolete network gear, routers, switches and the like, from the largest new models to the oldest Cisco Routers!

See our wide selection of power supplies and cards for Compaq and HP Proliant Rack Servers, IBM ServersLenovo Servers and even Supermicro servers. We have parts for Dell Poweredge, EMC Clariion or Cellera, NetApp and Promise RAID systems.

We are the only known source for many of our items!  We have them when you need them! We can ship overnight so when you have a failure you can be up and running fast!

We carry power supplies for Chumby internet terminals, Vizio, Samsung & Sony Television Sets,  and a wide variety of computer monitors.

We can provide power supplies for Xante Graphics Printers, HP Laserjet Printers and Zebra Label Printers.  We have parts for Sato Label printers, TEC, IBM and Ithica POS Printers.  We have power supplies for many Intermec,  Printronix and Toshiba Thermal Transfer Printers, as well as all common laser printers and inkjet printers.  We have Power Supplies for many line printers!

Where do we get these parts?

You know these manufacturers don’t sell those parts separately. They want you to send it to them for repair, usually at ridiculous prices.  I was quoted $3600 for replacement of a Foundry ServerIron Switch.  Ridiculous, I expected them to charge me $350 for component level repair at their factory, but their position was I should just send the old failed on to them for replacement.  Then they would likely repair the one I sent them, maybe at a cost of $120, then that would be someone else’s “replacement”.  Do I sound cynical?  Yeah, I do. Save thousands buying from us!

We have contracts with companies who deinstall proprietary equipment as a business, they have a large variety of equipment that while it might be too old to use for the large corporate data center that removed them, but there are many of those very same machines still in use worldwide.  So when a system is older, end of life, damaged or no longer useable by a Fortune 100 Corporation, we catalog the parts so we have them when you need them.

Most of this equipment has years of useful life left, just not for the original user who may change out older equipment for new models every few years, often at lease end.

We test and warrant everything we sell, so you can be sure you will get useable parts when you order from us. These are mostly called “system pulls”.  Items removed from equipment not deemed new enough, or replaced on a regular schedule even though it might still be working perfectly. It’s just might not be new or modern enough for large corporate America users.